Emma and Chester are in love, and marriage is on the horizon.
However, there’s a big problem:
Chester is a 7-foot-tall pink flamingo.
There’s an even bigger problem:
Emma seems to be blissfully unaware of this fact.
To add to the drama, two of Emma’s friends have
taken a somewhat romantic interest in her,
and begin to hatch a scheme to sabotage the
engagement by trying to convince Emma of the truth
that Chester is the opposite of a normal human being.
Join the adventure as Chester and Emma attempt to confront
their fears and self-esteem in an “almost-true”
webcomic tale of love, hate, and oddity.
Emma’s life is tickled pink, but how long can it last before disaster strikes?

The Adventures of Chester K. Fingkelbottom is a webcomic of pink proportions written and drawn by Emily J. Sampson, who has her BAS in Illustration and Computer Graphics from (she would have triple-majored with Writing as well, but due to complications, she had to drop out of the Writing program at her university). Currently, Emily is getting her MFA in Sequential Art at SCAD, and experimenting with all the techniques she has learned up until this point to attempt to create a completely unique style of comic. TAoCKF is the result of her hard work, and is based on true events (except when it’s not).

Emily loves to read manga, watch subbed anime, and try her hand at pretty much anything she’s never experienced before. She appreciates a challenge and has no fears aside from falling into a rut that she can’t get out of. Emily welcomes change and loves everyone she knows with a passion, and would be willing to do anything to help her friends out.

To contact Emily J. Sampson, owner and founder of EJS Creations,
send her an email at ejscreations@gmail.com!

To order TAoCKF merchandise, email chesterfbottom@gmail.com!

Thanks for reading!